IvAp 2.0

IvAp is the way to fly online on the IVAO network (including Teamspeak and MTL)
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The IVAO Pilot Client is the way to fly online on the IVAO network (including Teamspeak and MTL).

Main Features :

- Complete Integration into Flight Simulator as one complete program!
- FSUIPC, SBHost, SBRelay, or Third Party Tools are not required!
- Aardvark and FSPainter Muliplayer Traffic Library (MTL) included for aircraft textures during multiplayer sessions!
- IvAp Modules can run on different PC's to reduce processor load!
- Automatic TeamSpeak channel switching for voice using Comm Radio or user interface!
- Auto Selection of active ATC frequency!
- Advanced visual multiplayer using the Multiplayer Traffic Library (MTL)!
- Supports all IvAc ATC client advanced features, latest and future IVAO server protocol, which includes flight plan change, no voice tag, and others!
- Real life ICAO Flight Plan with RVSM, routing syntax, and more . . . !
- Correct text format of text fields for the Callsign and flight plan route description!
- TCAS Module with data available to third party software like PMDG 737 and PSS (support for native FS2004 traffic and FSUIPC-based aircraft)
- Realistic FMC characteristics with different looking templates! (user customizable for e.g. Virtual Airlines skins)
- Easily accessed squawk mode C transponder with IDENT Button
- Aircraft Push back module with turning and final HDG indicated!
- Easily accessible Metar and Acars retrieval
- Weather support via new server protocol, with more realistic weather!
- Wind and QHN smoothing
- Time Sync
- Panel/cockpit support (SDK)
- Fully functional TCAS with TA/RA features

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